Wolf Hunters – Len McCabe

ISBN: 9781781325315. 15th August 2016. Silverwood Books. Won from Goodreads.

At the age of just sixteen, Karin has been entrusted by his tribe to trek to a neighbouring settlement, on a mission to offer to pool food reserves for what threatens to be a bleak and severe winter. On the trail, he meets Peric, a boy of his own age, coincidentally on the same mission for his tribe, the Brezecs. The two boys become firm friends and allies. 

A story of bloody battles, wolf hunts and growing up, ‘The Wolf Hunters’ follows the lives of Karin, Peric and their siblings as they strive to find love and happiness within a tribal community in prehistoric Norway. At the mercy of marauding wolves and a vicious rival tribe, Karin is faced with his biggest challenge yet: leading the tribes downstream to find ‘The Big Water’, a legendary land of plenty. If they can find it, their lives and the lives of future generations will be secured, but does it really exist?

I started Wolf Hunters, and I really struggled to get into it. I did not enjoy this book at all. It’s a shame because it’s only a 200ish page book, that should have taken no time what so ever to get through.

I couldn’t associate with any of the characters, nor get into the plot. I felt like the writing just didn’t flow right in many places and had to reread bits to understand what was going on.

1 out of 5 stars.

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