Meraki Candles; January Crime and Punishment Box.

With Meraki Candles 1 year anniversary coming up, I figure now is a great time to review boxes previously received.
Meraki Candles is the brain child of a lady named Heather. Here is what the about on her store says:

After obtaining a degree in computer animation, I came to the realisation that the 9-5 just isn’t for me. So I took to the drawing board and decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do; make candles. That coupled with my love for reading and design has transformed into Meraki Candles.

Meraki Candles store is a great place to find bookish themed candles. Each are handmade soy candles. Since she opened the store August last year, she has been releasing themed boxes. Each box containing 4 4oz candles and a handful of bookish swag related to each theme.

Meraki Candles sells out of most boxes super quickly, so my first box ended up being January of this year. The Theme was Crime and Punishment. The about the box part of etsy said this:

Do you love a good crime novel? Who do you normally root for, the criminals or the law enforcers? This box is perfect for lovers of Sherlock, Harry Potter, Six of Crows and of course, candles.

It cost me a total of £21.49 including shipping. I didn’t see an issue with the price so took the chance and bought it. I’m so thankful I did, because there’s a chance I’d have never tried any other bookish merchandise or themed candles if I hadn’t.

The first of the candles was called Auror, based on the job from Harry Potter. The scent consisted of Tangerine, Cinnamon and Patchouli.The colour was fabulous and the smells strong but not overwhelming.


The second candle was Drüskelle. This candle is based on Six Of Crows. The scent for this candle was violet, cedar and musk. The colour for this candle was probably my favourite from this box.


Next up we had Peace Keepers. Peace Keepers is from The Hunger Games. The scent for this candle was fresh cucumber and melon.


and Finally, the last candle was called Scarlet Guard. Scarlet Guard is based on Red Queen. The scent for this one is strawberries, gardenia and lily. This was easily my favourite of the candle smells from this box.


Here is a photo of all four candles together:


Now that we’ve covered the candles, which I still love even 6 months on, we have the goodies!

Here we have the Six Of Crows themed coaster. I hadn’t yet read Six Of Crows when this arrived, but that didn’t matter because I loved the art on it. This was from The Book Otter.


Next up we have the cute Sherlock themed mirror. It’s not very big, but it really didn’t need to be. The mirror was from Goodnight Boutique


Also included in this box was a bookmark from The Graduated Bookmark


Then we have a pack of loose mint tea from The Tea Leaf Company. This tea tasted amazing and is the sole reason I am now drinking tea on a regular basis. The tea also came with a pack of 10 teabags for you to put the tea in.


The last couple of bits included were a discount code (Bronze in my case, which works for free shipping), a bookmark and a spoiler card. The bookmark and spoiler card art is from DinoMyteArt. These designs are pretty cool!


Here is my complete unboxing photo which can be found on my Instagram here.


The photo used as featured photo, is the same one from the store for this box. It was taken by Meraki candles rep MLovesReading.


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  1. Awesome Post! Crooked Kingdom has been under my radar for quite sometime given all the hype thats been going on about it here and on Goodreads. The premise definitely sounds unique, I just may be adding it to my TBR now!
    OMG I love. Love. LOVE mint tea, so yummy and just about the best detoxifier ever!
    I look forward to reading more from you soon… Happy Reading 🙂

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