Meraki Candles; February Fantasy Relationships.

The February themed candle box from Meraki Candles, was one I was anxious for. This could have got in any direction and I was excited to see what Heather might come up with. She did not disappoint. The item description said this;

Each box contains 4 4oz candles and is perfect for fans of Twilight, Shadowhunters and S J Maas.

The first candle was Carranam. Throne Of Glass themed. The scent was cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. This combination smelt absolutely gorgeous.


The next candle was Imprint. This candle was Twilight themed. The scent is pine needles, fir and wood. It was a nice earthly smell without smelling musty at all.


The third candle was Mating Bond. This is A Court Of Thorns And Roses themed. The scent was cherry, marzipan and sugar. Not only was this my favourite scent of ALL of her candles I’ve received so far, this is also my favourite colour from this box. The marzipan was so strong I actually ended up craving some. 🐱


The last candle from this box was Parbatai, which of course was shadowhunter themed. The scent for this one was violet, rose petal and apple wood. I liked this one very much and the colour is gorgeous.


Here are all of the candles together:


What a great looking set. Now onto the goodies!
Firstly we have the Parabatai oath notebook. I love how it was pocket sized and yet was pretty to look at. As of this being written up, I actually haven’t used it yet. Too worried I’d end up ruining it.


Also in the above picture is the Parabatai oath rune badge pin! Super cute. A perfect addition to my growing pin collection.

Next up we have the ‘Always’ Snape quote magnet. This is a cute magnet, just a little bigger than the pin above. I like that you can almost see a patronus charm being the word.


Finally we have this cute Relationship status sticker.


Ofcourse we can’t forget the cute little Rhysand and Feyre spoiler card and bookmark from DinoMyteArt.


This box was such a cute little box and I’m looking forward to the next time Heather gets her hands on the scents that were used in the Carranam and Mating Bond Candles, I’ll be ordering them right away.


The photo used as featured photo, is the same one from the store for this box. It was taken by Meraki candles rep MLovesReading.


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