Meraki Candles: March Winged Warriors.

March’s Meraki Candles box was highly anticipated for me. I mean, an entire box about dragons?! This box could not fail in my opinion, and I was not disappointed at all, this box was amazing. The item page had this to say:

Winged Warriors is the ultimate dragon lover’s box. If you find yourself dreaming of mythical companions and longing to soar through the clouds, this is a must for you!

If you love the Inheritance Cycle, Throne of Glass, Game of Thrones and How to Train your Dragon then you’ll love this box. It will feature 4 4oz candles and 4 items relating to the theme.

You probably know the drill by now, but first up it’s the candles!

The first candle is Drogon. This candle is based on A Game Of Thrones. As an avid A Song Of Ice And Fire and A Game Of Thrones Fan I was super pleased when I saw this one. The scents are eucalyptus and spearmint.


The second candle is Saphira. If you hadn’t known immediately Saphira is from Eragon. I was over the moon to see Saphira getting some love because she was one of my favourite dragons! The colour was gorgeous and the scent very flowery. The scents are lavender, rosemary and geranium.


The third candle is Smaug. Smaug is obviously from the Hobbit. This was my partner’s favourite at first glance, he remarked how it tasted so good that he could almost eat it. I was highly amused, but I agreed that it was gorgeous. The scent is cinnamon, clove and buttermilk.


The last candle is my personal favourite from this batch. The candle is Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. This was smelt amazing. The scents were hot chocolate and sweet orange. I plan to save what little of this one that I have left until I can find a way to get another, or a very similar scent combination in another candle.


Here is a photo of all four candles together:


I was so impressed with each and every single one of these candles. If I had the opportunity to get a second batch of them, I’d probably jump at the chance. Now onto the goodies!

First up we have this gorgeous dragon scale necklace from Cogs And Curiosities. I loved this so much because I couldn’t decide if it reminds me of a dragon or mermaid more. The colour is gorgeous. Even more so when it catches the light in the right way. It even came in this adorable little pouch!


Next up is this beautiful bookmark from Lexy Olivia. You can actually pick one of these up in her store now. The colour combination and quote go perfectly together. What you can’t see in this photo is that the back is covered in a dragon scale like pattern.


Thirdly we have a cute Spyro print. (Did you ever play Spyro? I absolutely loved it!) This print has gone on to join my wall of prints that is building. You can find prints like this at Maliha’s Art.


The last of the four items is a cute lotion sampler, themed around Abraxos from Throne Of Glass, from Behind The Pages. I love that the sampler size is perfect to store in your handbag. The smell was nice, and when you used it, it left your skin super soft.


The spoiler card and art have again been done by DinoMyte Art. I loved the detail that went into this one so much.


My unboxing can also be found at here. A full photo:


The photo used as featured photo, is the same one from the store for this box. It was taken by Meraki candles rep MLovesReading.


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