The Extinction Trials – S. M. Wilson

ISBN: 9781474927345. 1st January 2018. Usbourne Publishing. Received in the January Wildest Dreams Book Box. (Unboxing here).

Stormchaser wants to escape her starved, grey life. Lincoln wants to save his dying sister. Their only chance is to join an expedition to a deadly country to steal the eggs of vicious dinosaurs. If they succeed, their reward is a new life filled with riches. But in a land full of monsters – both human and reptilian – only the ruthless will survive. Jurassic Park meets The Hunger Games in this epic new series.

When I first saw this book I knew I had to have it. As an avid Jurassic Park and a The Hunger Games fan, I was super excited to hear about this book. The cover is gorgeous. I loved the colour chosen, and the scales that catch the light.

As with all books that are described as like other books I enjoyed I went into it a little weary. I hate when a book is just /too/ similar, if you know what I mean? Luckily, this book was a nice combination of familiar and unique.

The world building was very well done. Straight from the get-go I was pulled into another world. Easily visualising the different aspects. Even as far as to feel a little overwhelmed with the thought of that many people surrounding me.

I loved seeing the different kind of dinosaurs used, and loved seeing Stormchaser interact with them. I understand how the human race can be terrified of them, but I don’t agree in any way with the over all decisions. I would have been like Stormchaser, defending the ‘nice’ dinosaurs.

I liked Stormchaser a lot. She was a pretty badass character. Lincoln was a good character too, albeit a little selfish (for good reasons) at times. I even really liked the secondary characters, Lief, Rune and Kronar. Of course with any book that is even remotely described as anything like The Hunger Games I expected death. I was super sad when one of the characters died, because I’d grown a little attached.

The plot of this book could have been pretty generic but S. M. Wilson did a great job of bringing it to life, without it becoming to mundane. It flowed really well and I cannot wait for the sequel in a few months!

4 out of  5 Stars.

You can buy here.

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  1. I’ve been eyeing this book for a while and I really want to read it. I plan on getting it soon. I mean, a mix of Jurassic Park and The Hunger Games. That is one epic mix!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I don’t feel like many know about this book. Also, the cover is so great.

    1. The cover is one of my favourites from recent months 🐱 I feel the same, many people don’t seem to know about it. Prior to receiving it in my bookbox i’d seen it mentioned like twice xx

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