Saving Death – R. L. Endean

ISBN: 9781999963378. November 5th 2018. Oftomes Publishing. With thanks to Oftomes publishing for sending me an ecopy to read.

Two tortured souls. One unthinkable love.
Ava is already trying to navigate the dark depths of grief when she meets a curious stranger who knows too much. In a desperate need to feel anything other than pain, she is drawn to him, intrigued by the rush he invokes in her. Soon, she finds herself hurled into a shattered world of dangerous emotions, black magic and primal loyalties; and it is here that she begins to unlock truths that might have been better left alone.

I really enjoyed this book, It was everything I needed to fill the hole that Twilight had left, and more. I really enjoyed reading angsty, teen romances that was dark and gothic and NOT about vampires. Of course I have been left with so many questions. The biggest one is “What happens Next?” I find myself wanting to know more about the reapers and  their rules.

I liked Ava, although on occasion she is so clueless. She often fits into the Mary Sue character tropes, but R.L. Endean did a great job in making her likeable, where many other authors fail.  Sam intrigued me, but also the way he treats Ava frustrated me.. A LOT. I just felt that he was super abusive at times, and this is what irritated me about Ava’s fascination with him the most. She was like a doe eyed child. The insta love sometimes felt forced, in my opinion, as did some of the other relationships..

There’s just a few scenarios that happen that didn’t seem right to me. For example; the death of a character seemed to just come out of nowhere, the way some characters just accepted Ava, even if she’s clearly where she shouldn’t be. I can’t go into too much more detail because I try to be as spoiler free as possible, and feel like I’ve already crossed the line, but I just needed to process some of these thoughts out into writing.

Having said all that, I actually really enjoyed Endean’s writing style, and there is a lot of potential for so much more in this world.

I give this a 3.5-4 out of 5 stars.

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