The Tsundoku Chronicles – A Rep Period.

Hi all, I’ve decided it’s time to write about my experience being part of the rep team for The Tsundoku Chronicles. The Tsundoku Chronicles is a small UK based business, run by Neelam. They sell bookmarks, stickers, soaps and now, recently added to the store, art/quote prints. You can find the store here.

Back in May there was a rep search over on Instagram, this was the third for the company. I’d been watching the company grow since it opened, and I never thought I’d be one of the chosen, but I entered anyways. After all, it doesn’t hurt to try. The rep search ended on 26th May, so that Neelam could get the first package out for successful applicants for the start of June. The rep period was June to September, 4 months. Of course if Neelam felt any of us weren’t doing our duties as a rep, she had the option to remove us. Luckily she chose well and didn’t have to do this with any of us.

My fellow reps for this period were; wanderingfandoms, bookanishgirl, hearthstonereads and linh_hermione. Go check out their Instagram feeds by clicking the links in their names.

I was so excited to get my first rep package! It consisted of a soap, a sticker and three double-sided bookmarks. Here is what I got:

The Soap was Shadowhunters themed, called Shadowhunters, which was scented with Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Tea Tree and Grapefruit. It smelt so good and had such a gorgeous colour.41756913_649361105464232_2679557584041541632_n

The sticker was The Illuminae Files themed.41758115_252616168718981_4763624519497678848_n

The bookmarks were To Kill A Kingdom, Peter Pan and The Illuminae Files themed.

To Kill A Kingdom:














Disney’s Peter Pan:












The Illuminae Files:












A month later my second package arrived. Unfortunately, Neelam had sold out of soaps prior to sending and hadn’t had a chance to restock. She instead sent us an extra bookmark each and I loved them.

The Sticker was The Lunar Chronicles themed.45797664_733585060349645_4473431343291695104_n.jpg

The bookmarks were cat quotes, V.E.Schwab, and The Chronicles Of Narnia, Manon/The Thirteen from Throne Of Glass themed.

Cat Quotes:












V.E. Schwab:

The Chronicles Of Narnia:


Manon/The Thirteen:


As the end of July came around, we were half way throughh out rep terms, and our third package arrived. Mine included a soap, a sticker and three bookmarks.

The soap was Red London themed.41922381_1172139666258516_5397395893764751360_n

The sticker was The Illuminae Files themed.45750978_514292745717006_1409590506857431040_n

The bookmarks were; The Wizard Of Oz, Tolkien, and V.E. Schwab themed.

The Wizard Of Oz:

























V.E. Schwab:












Our last rep packages arrived at the end of August, beginning of September, and for this one we were asked if there was any we’d really like to receive. I had previously looked through the store, and remembered that Neelam does an option for a personalised bookmark, so of course, I asked if it was a possibility. Neelam said that wouldn’t be a problem. I looked forward to it arriving. The other two bookmarks I received this month were Aristocats and Les Miserables themed from the newest range in store.

41784408_1929812297111806_2162589443117023232_nFor the back of my personalised bookmark, I chose a quote from Alexandra Christo’s To Kill A Kingdom. I selected this quote to remind me that I can keep going, even when times are rough.41762125_268001833828211_7728557679353790464_n

Disney’s The Aristocats:

Les Miserables:












This package didn’t have a sticker, however we did each get an art print. Mine was The Illuminae Files.41769925_1497647190378683_7192832780592480256_n

The soap for this month is called The Dregs, which is Six Of Crows themed.41869794_2163787540613974_6915488033412218880_n

Towards the end of our rep period Neelam decided that we (If we wanted) could continue repping for her for another month. Of course we said yes!

The rep package for the month of October consisted of three bookmarks and two stickers. My package also came with an extra bookmark because I was super sad to have missed out on them before, and she found one hidden away. The extra bookmark is a Hufflepuff bookmark (see below), unfortunately due to Warner Bros. restritctions, Neelam is unable to sell the Hogwarts House bookmarks, but they’re super cute, so I wanted to include it in this post anyways.

CW’S The Flash:

Disney’s Aladdin:











Just One More Chapter/Fell Asleep Here:


Here is a photo of most of the items I received during my rep period (I couldn’t seem to find the other sticker.45917253_118539895714631_3804419702231400448_n

Being a rep for Neelam was honestly so much fun! I hope the newest batch of reps enjoys themselves as much as my group did. We were all super sad when it ended. On the plus side, I got introduced to a great group of friends!
During our time repping for her, Neelam experimented on painting books. Unfortunately we didn’t get sent one of these in our rep packages, but you should totally check them out! Here is one of my favourites!

Dpu2TkYWkAI4kjS (1).jpg




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  1. Shalini says:

    Oooh I didn’t know Neelam does this. Fab bookmarks. Loved them

    1. They’re absolutely gorgeous! 💜 I’ve a few I’m eyeing up to add to my little collection in the future too 😂 x

      1. Shalini says:

        Wow!! I was looking at it on Instagram too… It is fabulous. I love such soaps too. I use a lavender one

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