Toxic – Nicci Cloke

ISBN: 9781471406584. July 26th 2018. With thanks to Readersfirst and Hot Key Books for sending me a copy.

Hope has never been happier. She’s on her way to Crete, after a group of her friends have made her an honorary ‘lad’ and let her tag along on their boys’ holiday. There’s a slight complication in that one of those boys, Logan, is Hope’s ex-boyfriend, but they’re still friends and Hope’s pretty confident it won’t be too awkward.
The next couple of days are exactly what Hope was hoping for – lazy days in the sun, and long, drunken conversations. She can’t help but notice that Logan’s flirting with her. Logan and Hope end up alone and Hope is horrified when, after she leans in to kiss him, Logan completely rejects her.
Embarrassed and annoyed, Hope is on a mission to get drunk, and with the alcohol flowing, and the sun going down, Hope’s starts having a great time.
The next thing Hope knows, she’s being woken up on the beach by two strangers. It’s 9 o’clock the next morning and she can’t remember anything about the previous night . . . what on earth happened?

When I read the synopsis and the first look, I thought this book could be really interesting, I totally had to give it a chance. I found that I really enjoyed it. There are many things about it I wasn’t sure on. Some of the relationships felt force, but some of the others were easy to follow and understand. The group dynamics generally worked well, and it was interesting to see people well written, and realistically respond to finding out people’s personal aren’t necessarily who they put on. There were quite a few times I was left with questions, especially at the end. I’m still pretty angry at some of the choices the characters make, such as whilst on holiday, and the responses to events happening.

Overall, it was a good book, interesting plot.
I give this a three out of five stars.

You can buy a copy here.


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