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Sugar And Sloth February ‘Princess Axolotl And The Deep Sea Quest’ Unboxing.

It’s that time again! (A little late this month, sorry). It’s Tiny Party Club unboxing time! This month’s theme was Princess Axolotl And The Deep Sea Quest, and I was super looking forward to this box.

Up first, we have this month’s spoiler card/theme art. This also included February’s discount code for Tiny Party Club subscribers, and information on how you could join the Facebook group. (Which, if you like friendly and welcoming communities, and plenty of animal pictures, it’s totally worth a join!).

Like last month, February included this cute month planner, that can be set up to be used for any month, not just February.

February’s postcard is full of cute little info bites about the sea-dwelling characters from the Sugar And Sloth universe. I love that each character has a thought out story behind them.

This super duper handy notebook, complete with a mini to-do list at the bottom.

Here is the February badge pin. Big mood here.

This sticker is super cute, but every time I read it, my brain sings the line “I’ve got the magic in me”. Specifically, the rendition of the track used in Pitch Perfect.

Finally we have the February enamel pin. How cute is she?

Here it is! This month’s full unboxing photo.

This was such a cute box. I absolutely love this notepad, it’s already been useful in my day to day life. What did you think of this box? Let me know in the comments.

The March Tiny Party Club box is Unicorn Book Club. How amazing does this sound?! Don’t forget if you order before the 1st March, you’ll be ordering the February box, which was featured in this unboxing.

Artwork used for featured art and for the announcement is owned by Sugar And Sloth. Unboxing photos are my own.

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