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Blog Tour: Earth 101 – Emae Church Extract.

I’m excited to be working with Zooloo’s Book Tour’s today to be bringing you an extract as part of my stop on the Earth 101 blog tour. As usual, I’ll give you a little information on the book, then the extract, and finally links where you can find it on the internet. Let me introduce you to the book:

A missing girl. A world of secrecy. A quest to expose the truth.
Jayne knows they’re gone, but no one else will acknowledge what’s happening.
One by one, they’re systematically erased from existence. No explanations. No missing person’s reports. No search parties.
Something sinister is afoot. Jayne can feel it in her bones. But uncovering the truth will prove difficult, especially when she discovers who and what is behind the devious plot.
As she searches for answers, she grapples with the lingering effects of a head injury, an unexpected forbidden romance, and a strange new reality that changes everything.
Will she uncover the truth, or will she be the next innocent victim?

How gorgeous is that cover? Here is the synopsis:

Are you crazy or something?” she snaps. “You can kiss your future goodbye if you
get a criminal record, Jayne.”
“Well, obviously yes, I am,” I retort.
I hear a deep breath on the other side of the call. “You’ve got to be careful, Jayne.
You know I; we all support you in this. But not breaking the law. That’s just stupid.”
What am I supposed to say?
“I’ll tell you what,” begins Sarah. “You say these girls were in your class?” I grunt in
response, but then the tears flow as Chloe flows through my mind. I garble tearful words
about how we used to people-watch in the mall, inventing stories about that couple over
there, or that man talking in hushed tones to his friend, and so on.
All the while, the plate in my forehead stings, as though to give physicality to the
painful memories.
“I can’t cope with it,” I drag a tissue across my cheeks and dab my eyes. “I don’t
mind the crazy, but I want Chloe back.”
“I don’t know what to suggest.” Sarah’s tone is quiet and comforting. “I wish I could
wave a wand and bring Chloe into your life.”
I press a palm to the stinging plate, moving my head left to right to ease the
“I honestly believe that you remember Chloe. I’m not going to say she’s imaginary or
not important to you. It’s like me, with Matthew.” Sarah pauses. “I sometimes wake up and
imagine hearing him crying, to be fed or whatever.”
Sarah rarely says Matthew’s name. This pulls me out of my reverie.

“But I know he’s not there. Not here.” Sarah pauses. I hear a sniff. Oh, no, Sarah.
Don’t go there.
“I’m sorry, Sarah.”
“No, it’s okay,” she responds with a loud breath trailing. “The thing is. I never got to
hear Matthew cry. Not once. But he’s just as real, and his memory just… just as harsh to cope
with.” Her voice cracks momentarily. “So, I honestly believe that you believe in Chloe.”
A moment passes, punctuated by our sniffs. I manage a short laugh to dismiss the
silence. “Look at us two, getting ourselves in a mess.”
Sarah echoes my sentiment.
“I need some sort of plan,” I say.
“Then let’s make a list of everyone you know in school, especially your class. You
write it, and I’ll do the same,” Sarah suggests.
“And what will that do?” I ask.
“My list is independent of yours. If someone disappears – or appears – then we can
cross-check our individual lists?” Sarah pauses for a moment. “It could give you peace of
mind and if this is some sub-conscious thing—”
“I’m not making it up?” I blurt out.
“I didn’t say you are,” she says. “This can be our checklist.”
I call out the names of all the boys and girls in my year, and we scribble down our
lists. By the time we say goodbye, I am more in control.
I must stop worrying about everything.
Let whatever happens, happen, and stop all this nonsense about missing people.

At least that is the stance I offer to Sarah.
I will not give up. I will discover what has happened to Chloe and Laura. That white-
haired boy: I haven’t invented him. And he was with Laura.
Sarah’s words about remembering Matthew ring through my head. It’s sort of not the
same, but she recalls what it would be like to hear him cry. I remember a special friendship
with Chloe and rivalry with Laura. And all because of head trauma?
I don’t think so.
I know the world is full of so-called, crazy people. But are they all mad? Everyone is
too quick to label and push aside those who make them uncomfortable.
I’m now one of those labelled individuals.
But I’m not mad.
Who else feels like this? I need to find another person, people even, who are going
through what I am. And no, not Doctor Harris’ group therapy session. I mentally roll my
Folding my laptop open, my fingers hover over the keyboard.
I need a search definition for this. For what though?
The web search engine offers various suggestions in response to my typing. Missing
people. Forgotten friends. Kidnapped students. Erased from existence.
Alien abduction?

What a great extract! Let me know if this has piqued your interest in the comments.

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